May 16, 2008

: Fuck Flickr – Yahoo is a Narc

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Shi Tao is serving a 10-year sentence in prison for writing articles calling for political reform in China. Yahoo helped put him there.
FuckFlickr is open-source image gallery software that won’t narc you out. We created it as an alternative to hosting your photos on a certain Yahoo-owned photo sharing site.

No database required; just upload it and put images in the data directory.
/ f.a.t.


April 27, 2008

: Sebastian E. und die Bundesregierung All Stars

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“Was soll der Scheiß…?” / redblog

April 24, 2008

: German intelligence probed for monitoring journalist in Afghanistan

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Germany’s foreign intelligence service BND came under pressure Thursday following revelations it had monitored the e-mail correspondence of a German journalist reporting on Afghanistan for Der Spiegel news magazine. Ernst Uhrlau, the president of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), responded to questions from members of the Parliamentary Control Committee (PKG) in closed session.

… / The Earth Times

Another journalist spied, BND affair is expanding / taz

April 20, 2008

: Blogging on a List of Terrorists?

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10.000 registered Blogs within 3 days on BayWords

The site should be somewhat stable now. We’ve updated a lot of stuff and tweaked the database to cope with the load. We’ve also took in the idea of opening a forum that someone asked for. You can find it at SuprBay.org, BayWords admin declares.

:: Controlled Chaos

BayWords is an interesting experiment. Will the blogs here be different from what’s out there already? Or are people already blogging freely eslewhere? What parts of the world will this appeal to? Are governments already watching BayWords? Am I on an enemies list now?

:: stay tuned for more reactions

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