June 4, 2008

: Hackers can turn your home PC into a bomb

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It is already possible for an assassin to send someone an e-mail with an innocent-looking attachment to it. When the receiver downloads the attachment, the electrical current and molecular structure of the central processing unit is altered, causing it to blast a apart like a large hand grenade.
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May 1, 2008

: The Fictitious War in Iraq

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The real war is between U.S. forces and the legitimate Iraqi resistance.
It is not reported

We do not see the real war. The Pentagon, the journalists only where the use of its propaganda. This is especially the Al-Qaeda attacks. But these Al-Qaeda attacks represent less than one hundredth of daily military actions. We have per day on average over 200 military actions in Iraq. About 100 of these military actions the United States, which are bombings, raids, shootings. In addition, approximately the same number of military actions of the legitimate Iraqi resistance, including some 100th This is legitimate resistance because he turned to the Geneva Convention protects civilians and holds. About two is not reported because the Pentagon to the American people will not admit that in large numbers continue military actions against the Iraqi population, and because the Pentagon does not want to admit that there is a massive Iraqi resistance, against the American occupation and fights by a large majority of the population supports. The U.S. government could no longer claim to lead a war against Al Qaeda.

EN / interview (online translation)
DE / Der Scheinkrieg im Irak / eurasisches magazin

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