May 13, 2008

: Mahalla Uprising by Nasser Nouri

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mahalla uprising

mahalla uprising

The Mahalla Intifada
Nasser Nouri |
CC 2008
slideshow | flickr

In April 2008 Egypt has seen a number of strikes and demonstrations against low salaries and price rises with shootings and mass arrests of strikers and demonstrators.

Reuters’s photographer Nasser Nouri, who was shot by a rubber bullet and later has been arrested at Mahalla’s Police Station, has done a fantastic job. His great b/w work of the struggle of Mahalla’s poor is released on his flickr-account to expose Mubarak’s system.

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all photos CC 2008 by Nasser Nouri
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May 8, 2008

: BLOG 4 BURMA | Body Count in the Countdown to the ‘Referendum’

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Even a brief week before the disastrous conditions under politically staged “referendum” on the draft constitution, which the existing military balance of power still legally concrete would have been little difference country and a German-language media only worth a row. The same was true for the so self dünkende scene of the bloggers. Since it takes a natural disaster to return times of spine to correct. Sonderbarer way it is now the so-called “activist network”, where the cyclone “Nargis” and its apocalyptic aspects Sterbenswörtlein elicits no. | | |
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May 3, 2008

: Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma’s War Zones

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In Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma’s War Zones, filmmaker Matt Blauer sheds new light on the Karen people and their struggle for survival in Burma. Although many in the outside world condemn the country’s military government, few are aware that over one million Karen villagers fight to stay alive inside the country’s borders.

Blauer illegally crosses the border several times to help local relief workers bring medicine and material aid to those displaced by the Burmese Army. In his journeys, he meets a nurse devoted to assisting escapees following the death of her parents and a pastor/cameraman who documents human rights abuses. With candid interviews and stunning footage of recent events, the film brings a fresh awareness to an often ignored but important issue in this troubled nation
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May 1, 2008

: A4RE | Act for Radical Europe

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That Europe isn’t ours!


April 21, 2008

: EuroMayDay 008

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EuroMayDay 008

MayDay! MayDay! From Milano to Helsinki, from Malaga to Berlin, MayDay Parades have spread throughout Europe and beyond.

Nowadays, precarity is structural and generalized. It’s the paradigmatic condition of work. Structural, because it is the modern form of capitalistic dominance on labur, the outcome of individual bargaining at the expense of collective bargaining. Further, labor precarity is transformed into precarity for life. When the separation between working time and living time blurs, in a context where worktime can be expanded with no limits, precarized labor conditions become precarious conditions of existence.

:. EuroMayDay.org 1st May 08

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‘Too much shit, not enough money!’
Mrs. Weber – Bathroom Cleaner

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