May 16, 2008

: Vintage aviation hostess photos

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Wired’s got a strange and evocative slideshow of paleo-air-hostesses from the early days of commercial aviation online. Did they really fly long-haul in miniskirts and knee-high high-heeled boots? Christ, they must have been in agony.
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May 13, 2008

: Mahalla Uprising by Nasser Nouri

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mahalla uprising

mahalla uprising

The Mahalla Intifada
Nasser Nouri |
CC 2008
slideshow | flickr

In April 2008 Egypt has seen a number of strikes and demonstrations against low salaries and price rises with shootings and mass arrests of strikers and demonstrators.

Reuters’s photographer Nasser Nouri, who was shot by a rubber bullet and later has been arrested at Mahalla’s Police Station, has done a fantastic job. His great b/w work of the struggle of Mahalla’s poor is released on his flickr-account to expose Mubarak’s system.

:. Nasser Nouri / slideshow
all photos CC 2008 by Nasser Nouri
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