June 29, 2008

: MEMEFEST 08 Results

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© Alexandra Hall, Individual Beauty - D
© Alexandra Hall, Individual Beauty – D

“This years festival outline seems to be the most difficult till now. Many submissions sadly did not respond to the theme RADICAL BEAUTY”, the Memefest collective resumed. “This years visual submissions had problems to match the complexity of communication in terms of including all three levels in a productive way. We know it is a hard task, but good design work needs to include all this levels.”

|| field : visual arts – static visuals
|| category : undergraduate


Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is our make up and what makes us unique. Yet where is beauty headed in the future, with the knowledge scientists have, that they can manipulate our genetic traits. We are individuals because of our genetic make up. This pack of three 10cm x 15 cm postcards (each with the same back) shows clinical but beautiful images of hair, blood and skin – the main physical external components containing our DNA. The typography presents the word ‘INDIVIDUAL’ and highlights the letters D, N and A through each card, enforcing the notion that DNA makes the individual, and the effect manipulated DNA could make in individual beauty becoming extinct. The postcards are intended to be sent between friends and family to create awareness of where we need to make sure science does not take beauty.

With the current progression and speed at which technology and science is moving there is no doubt that the industry will soon become involved with that of the beauty one. Be unique, be beautiful, it is your own make up and what makes you you.
/ MEMEFEST 2008 results
A selection of works from this year’s festival will also be included in issue 10 23:56.
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May 9, 2008


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is an exclusive, hacker community network. The House of Hackers community is established to support the hacker culture, mindset, way of life, ideologies, political views, vision, etc.

Members of the community are able to exchange ideas with each other, communicate, form groups, elite circles and tiger/red teams, conglomerate around projects and participate in the independent, hacker recruitment market. The market is designed to provide opportunities to the House of Hackers members in a free, open and fair manner.
The hacker recruitment market is designed to provide business opportunities to gifted members of our community.

House of Hackers is a community project. This means that you decide whether it will succeed or fail.
/ gnucitizen.blog, 4SUXX

May 8, 2008

: BLOG 4 BURMA | Body Count in the Countdown to the ‘Referendum’

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Even a brief week before the disastrous conditions under politically staged “referendum” on the draft constitution, which the existing military balance of power still legally concrete would have been little difference country and a German-language media only worth a row. The same was true for the so self dünkende scene of the bloggers. Since it takes a natural disaster to return times of spine to correct. Sonderbarer way it is now the so-called “activist network”, where the cyclone “Nargis” and its apocalyptic aspects Sterbenswörtlein elicits no. | | |
/ EN article / online translation
/ DE Body Count im Countdown zum “Referendum” on in|ad|ae|qu|at


April 20, 2008

: Blogging on a List of Terrorists?

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10.000 registered Blogs within 3 days on BayWords

The site should be somewhat stable now. We’ve updated a lot of stuff and tweaked the database to cope with the load. We’ve also took in the idea of opening a forum that someone asked for. You can find it at SuprBay.org, BayWords admin declares.

:: Controlled Chaos

BayWords is an interesting experiment. Will the blogs here be different from what’s out there already? Or are people already blogging freely eslewhere? What parts of the world will this appeal to? Are governments already watching BayWords? Am I on an enemies list now?

:: stay tuned for more reactions

: Anonymity Network TOR

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The initiative of the Humanist Union (HU), launched a separate exit router with a transmission capacity of 5.5 Mbytes / sec for the anonymity network tor to instigate more well-known and larger organisations to get also tor exit routers to connect their own members, and to discuss the necessity of anonymity in view of data retention, online and offline monitoring and the purpose of an anonymous network as a gateway to information
… more / google translation en
/ ravenhorst de

April 18, 2008

: Dark Matter & Radical Beauty

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The Chicago festival VERSION is produced by the Public Media Institute, a non-profit 501(c)-3 corporation. Version brings together individuals, groups and networks that utilize visual and conceptual art strategies, innovative social practice, public art projects, and new music to push the counter cultures forward. It’s received critical acclaim internationally and abroad.

In 2008, Dark Matter is all around us. Us artists, us activists, us outlaws. All of us, we are engaged in a culture war and economic struggle against establishments in all their guises. We form communities to counter the alienation of everyday life, and the commercial and institutional structures that stifle reality. We desire another world.
:. VERSION 08 April 17 – 27 2008

For the seventh year now, the organisers of MEMEFEST, a “festival of radical communication,” are encouraging students, professionals, artists and activists alike to contribute their talents to our collective counter-culture.

With this theme Radical Beauty we want you to explore radical beauty and use it for creation and social action for grassroots initiatives in your communities in ways that let the world fall in love with it.
Submission deadline is : May 20th 2008
Participation is free of charge

/ link
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: BayWords | Freedom of Speech

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The seemingly unsinkable torrent search The Pirate Bay has launched BayWords blogging service that aims to provide users with censorship-free blog hosting at no cost. ‘Because of the need of freedom of speech and secure hosting facility of the words being said we could not agree to how people behave towards bloggers. Many blogs are being shut down for uncomfortable thoughts and ideas. We will not do that. Our goal is to protect freedom of speech and your thoughts. As long as you don’t break any Swedish laws in your blog, we will defend it’, BayWords declares.

They are using WordPress as the blogging engine for this new service. Fill out the one-step form and you’ll be blogging seconds later!

Matt Mullenweg from WordPress talked about this new service: “WordPress.com supports free speech and doesn’t shut people down for “uncomfortable thoughts and ideas”, in fact we’re blocked in several countries because of that. However as a US-based company we must comply with US laws, which means if the primary purpose of a blog is distributing illegal material it’s not a good fit for WordPress.com.” | via TechWhack |

AHOY BayWords, after BayImg we will see you soon on BayWatch!

:. All your cops are belong to us! /hlywd | TPB |
:. Fighting for Bloggers’ Rights | EFF |
:. Please Note | shortlist |

terrocracy by oolab

Die Piraten des scheinbar unsinkbaren Torrent-Trackers The Pirate Bay haben den zensurfreien Blog-Service BayWords gestartet. Bei zunehmenden Zensurbestrebungen will TPB mit der Plattform BayWords die freie Meinungsäußerung in Blogs sichern, um ungehindert auch unbequeme Statements veröffentlichen zu können – zumindest, solange sie sich im Rahmen der schwedischen Gesetze bewegen, versichert Admin brokep.

Für Baywords hat man zwar Spacedump als schwedischen Hoster gewählt statt dem TPB-Hoster PRQ, doch das kostenlose Blog-Netzwerk nutzt das populäre Weblog-System WordPress, deren amerikanischer Betreiber sich an US-Gesetze halten muß. Der BayWords-Service ist kostenlos, die Grundeinstellungen konfigurieren und unter einer Adresse xxxxx.baywords.com starten.

Blog-Zensur ist nicht nur in autoritären Staaten wie China oder Burma ein Thema. In Großbritannien wurde im März 2008 das regierungskritische Blog Civil Serf einer britischen Ministerialbeamtin vom Netz genommen und danach verkündet, dass es Blogging-Richtlinien für Staatsangestellte geben werde. In den USA kam es im vergangenen Jahr zu Blog-Löschungen von Diskussionsgruppen zum Thema Sex auf LiveJournal.

|| Q: Why dont you Pirate Bay guys ever finish a project before starting a new one?
|| A: We do whatever we want, whenever we want. If it doesnt suit you, you can start your own empire.
|| FAQ on BayImg

Auf die Klage von US-Medienkonzernen antwortet TPB:
All your cops are belong to us! /hlywd
‘It has come to our attention that Warner Bros has employed the police officer in charge of the whole investigation about The Pirate Bay.’
Time to investigate the investigators.

WARNING: Deleting a blog also deletes all of its associated data
Vor dem Blog-Deleting kommt das Blog-Bashing. ‘Das Jahr 2007 dürfte als Hoch-Zeit der konsequenten Denunzierung von Bloggern und deren Machenschaften von seiten der Printmedien in die Annalen einer Geschichte des Unnötigen eingehen’, wird es in bei in|ad|ae|qu|at zielsicher auf den Punkt formuliert.

:. Fighting for Bloggers’ Rights | EFF |
:. Überwachung im Kapitalismus | shortlist |
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