June 4, 2008

: Hackers can turn your home PC into a bomb

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It is already possible for an assassin to send someone an e-mail with an innocent-looking attachment to it. When the receiver downloads the attachment, the electrical current and molecular structure of the central processing unit is altered, causing it to blast a apart like a large hand grenade.
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May 9, 2008


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is an exclusive, hacker community network. The House of Hackers community is established to support the hacker culture, mindset, way of life, ideologies, political views, vision, etc.

Members of the community are able to exchange ideas with each other, communicate, form groups, elite circles and tiger/red teams, conglomerate around projects and participate in the independent, hacker recruitment market. The market is designed to provide opportunities to the House of Hackers members in a free, open and fair manner.
The hacker recruitment market is designed to provide business opportunities to gifted members of our community.

House of Hackers is a community project. This means that you decide whether it will succeed or fail.
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April 29, 2008

: Hackers shut down Bank of Israel

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All your Jerusalem are belong to us
Hackers have managed to shut down the Bank of Israel for two whole days, taking advantage of the Jewish festival of Passover, when senior staff members were out of the office.
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