May 18, 2008

: Wild Combination | Matt Wolf

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matt wolf doc
matt wolf doc

two stills from “Wild Combination” / jameswagner

I saw the New York premier of Matt Wolf‘s first feature-length film, Wild Combination, at the Kitchen last night. It’s an amazing documentary on the life and music of Arthur Russell, the innovative downtown musical composer/performer who just couldn’t stand still and wouldn’t be pinned down, even for his own visions of his art.
/ jameswagner

/ Here’s an Amazon widget which will let you sample some of his music

/ images courtesy © Matt Wolf


May 3, 2008

: Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma’s War Zones

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In Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma’s War Zones, filmmaker Matt Blauer sheds new light on the Karen people and their struggle for survival in Burma. Although many in the outside world condemn the country’s military government, few are aware that over one million Karen villagers fight to stay alive inside the country’s borders.

Blauer illegally crosses the border several times to help local relief workers bring medicine and material aid to those displaced by the Burmese Army. In his journeys, he meets a nurse devoted to assisting escapees following the death of her parents and a pastor/cameraman who documents human rights abuses. With candid interviews and stunning footage of recent events, the film brings a fresh awareness to an often ignored but important issue in this troubled nation
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April 21, 2008

: monks – the transatlantic feedback

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monks – the transatlantic feedback
documentary film by Dietmar Post & Lucía Palacios / playloud

“A wonderful documentary film – a long overdue history lesson. Go and watch it!”
Rolling Stone (10/06)

: PETA offers $1 Million for Fake Meat

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Meet Your Meat, narrated by Alec Baldwin

PETA wants vat meat researchers to pick up the pace, and they’re pledging $1 million to the first research team that can come up with competitively priced fake meat by 2012. It appears this schedule might be too ambitious for researchers to meet, but in any case it’s only going to spur greater interest in the field. / link

:. PETA.org

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