July 30, 2008

: Beautiful Burnout ArtJam

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Beautiful Burnout Artjam

Beautiful Burnout, 2008 | handmade silkscreen on rag paper, 37 x 29 inches

The ArtJam is, to quote Robert Morris, ‘A continuous project altered daily’ and has,
in essence, been an ongoing conversation between Rick Smith and Karl Hyde (Underworld) and John Warwicker (tomato).

For over 20 years this conversation has generated work, which has then generated further conversation, and then more work … in many different forms and in many different contexts or situations, and has now grown to include other members of tomato and our extended family of (creative) friends as an essential part of its discursive nature and behaviour. / via mySpace
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Beautiful Burnout Artjam: The Art of Underworld
1st-15th August 2008
, Jacobson Howard Gallery, NYC US
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June 3, 2008


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ILLEGALLERIE / Los Piratos by TXMX © 2008

A young urban artist is no more millionaire, and has (still) not an agency with the marketing of his works, such as the streetart Icon Banksy done. The road offers other options, as a gallery with fixed opening times and dignified Schicki-Sphere. The consistent street artist organize with other guerrillas a wild ILLEGALLERY, public, temporary, unannounced and “open til its gone.”
3rd ILLEGALLERIE >> opened this time in a tunnel near the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, with artists such as Funk25, 1010, Mindfuck, Los Piratos, Karl Toon, Sträfling, GForce, Glue School and HUH?. Photos by Hamburg based streetart photographer TXMX, slideshow ILLEGALLERIE >> 08
100% Plakatism, WE NEED MORE!!

photo : Los Piratos by txmx © 2008 / 4suxx

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