May 1, 2008

: Musician ‘duped’ into anti-piracy video

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An artist featured in a new campaign pushed by the Australian music industry to discourage illegal file sharing and change the public’s perception that musicians live like royalty says he was duped into joining an anti-piracy “witch hunt”.

Frenzal Rhomb guitarist Lindsay McDougall, also a radio presenter at Triple J, told the Herald he was furious at being “lumped in with this witch hunt” and that he had been “completely taken out of context and defamed” by the Australian music industry, which funded the video.

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April 21, 2008

: PETA offers $1 Million for Fake Meat

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Meet Your Meat, narrated by Alec Baldwin

PETA wants vat meat researchers to pick up the pace, and they’re pledging $1 million to the first research team that can come up with competitively priced fake meat by 2012. It appears this schedule might be too ambitious for researchers to meet, but in any case it’s only going to spur greater interest in the field. / link

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