May 16, 2008

: BLF & Monochrom: The Great Firewall of China

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The Billboard Liberation Front partners with monochrom to erect the Great Firewall of China on Google’s Mountain View campus.

As shareholders at Google’s annual convention were counting their well earned dividends, America’s premier billboard improvement corporation, Billboard Liberation Front, assisted the Austrian arts collective monochrom in a monumental advertising coup designed to celebrate Google’s online partnership with the Peoples Republic of China.

China’s heroic effort to protect their enormous internet market (162 million!) from an overload of useless information includes a moratorium on abrasive, ugly, and thoroughly misleading concepts such as truth. China’s Internet “Cultural Revolution” is made possible through support from America’s most leviathanesque behemoth, Google Inc. ‘Don’t be evil’ says Google’s PR department!


May 13, 2008

: Mahalla Uprising by Nasser Nouri

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mahalla uprising

mahalla uprising

The Mahalla Intifada
Nasser Nouri |
CC 2008
slideshow | flickr

In April 2008 Egypt has seen a number of strikes and demonstrations against low salaries and price rises with shootings and mass arrests of strikers and demonstrators.

Reuters’s photographer Nasser Nouri, who was shot by a rubber bullet and later has been arrested at Mahalla’s Police Station, has done a fantastic job. His great b/w work of the struggle of Mahalla’s poor is released on his flickr-account to expose Mubarak’s system.

:. Nasser Nouri / slideshow
all photos CC 2008 by Nasser Nouri
/ arabawy
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May 12, 2008


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streetvision 08

mixed media streetart festival in Breda / NL 23rd may-29th june 2008
div lastpak, Zonenkinder, Klub 7, Latlas, Bitches in Control

May 9, 2008


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is an exclusive, hacker community network. The House of Hackers community is established to support the hacker culture, mindset, way of life, ideologies, political views, vision, etc.

Members of the community are able to exchange ideas with each other, communicate, form groups, elite circles and tiger/red teams, conglomerate around projects and participate in the independent, hacker recruitment market. The market is designed to provide opportunities to the House of Hackers members in a free, open and fair manner.
The hacker recruitment market is designed to provide business opportunities to gifted members of our community.

House of Hackers is a community project. This means that you decide whether it will succeed or fail.
/ gnucitizen.blog, 4SUXX

May 8, 2008

: BLOG 4 BURMA | Body Count in the Countdown to the ‘Referendum’

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Even a brief week before the disastrous conditions under politically staged “referendum” on the draft constitution, which the existing military balance of power still legally concrete would have been little difference country and a German-language media only worth a row. The same was true for the so self dünkende scene of the bloggers. Since it takes a natural disaster to return times of spine to correct. Sonderbarer way it is now the so-called “activist network”, where the cyclone “Nargis” and its apocalyptic aspects Sterbenswörtlein elicits no. | | |
/ EN article / online translation
/ DE Body Count im Countdown zum “Referendum” on in|ad|ae|qu|at


May 6, 2008

: Nine Inch Nails | ‘The Slip’ For Free

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nin | the slip

Trent Reznor introduces his latest album The Slip with a note that reads, “Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years — this one’s on me.”

He means it. The album is available for free in what could be the perfect array of digital formats: MP3, lossless (FLAC or Apple) or 24-bit, 96-kHz WAV files that sound better than the CD would have, if Reznor had bothered to release one yet. Vinyl and CD versions will go on sale in July, according to the Nine Inch Nails site.

Not only is The Slip available for free, but it was released under the Creative Commons “attribution noncommercial share-alike” license. A note on the NIN site says: “We encourage you to remix it, share it with your friends, post it on your blog, play it on your podcast, give it to strangers, etc.” The MP3 version of the album is available as a direct download from a server, while the larger files (lossless and high-resolution) are available as torrent downloads.
stream | download / via wired

The Future Of Viral Marketing

After you enter your e-mail address for the download link, a new screen appears asking if you would like to send this album as a gift to 3 friends. The thinking here is that the distribution will expand exponentially as each person will tell 3 people who tell 3 people and so on. With this model Trent gets their email address for future promotions and a lot of music into listeners computers. / gregrollett

Vinyl and CD versions will go on sale in July, according to the Nine Inch Nails site. Reznor’s direct-to-fans approach extends to his upcoming tour. Tickets will be available through the NIN website in the 72 hours leading up to the show (updated). Each ticket will have the name of the buyer printed on it, so they will not available through scalpers.
:. Nine Inch Nails

May 3, 2008

: Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma’s War Zones

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In Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma’s War Zones, filmmaker Matt Blauer sheds new light on the Karen people and their struggle for survival in Burma. Although many in the outside world condemn the country’s military government, few are aware that over one million Karen villagers fight to stay alive inside the country’s borders.

Blauer illegally crosses the border several times to help local relief workers bring medicine and material aid to those displaced by the Burmese Army. In his journeys, he meets a nurse devoted to assisting escapees following the death of her parents and a pastor/cameraman who documents human rights abuses. With candid interviews and stunning footage of recent events, the film brings a fresh awareness to an often ignored but important issue in this troubled nation
/ in|ad|ae|qu|at


May 1, 2008

: The Fictitious War in Iraq

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The real war is between U.S. forces and the legitimate Iraqi resistance.
It is not reported

We do not see the real war. The Pentagon, the journalists only where the use of its propaganda. This is especially the Al-Qaeda attacks. But these Al-Qaeda attacks represent less than one hundredth of daily military actions. We have per day on average over 200 military actions in Iraq. About 100 of these military actions the United States, which are bombings, raids, shootings. In addition, approximately the same number of military actions of the legitimate Iraqi resistance, including some 100th This is legitimate resistance because he turned to the Geneva Convention protects civilians and holds. About two is not reported because the Pentagon to the American people will not admit that in large numbers continue military actions against the Iraqi population, and because the Pentagon does not want to admit that there is a massive Iraqi resistance, against the American occupation and fights by a large majority of the population supports. The U.S. government could no longer claim to lead a war against Al Qaeda.

EN / interview (online translation)
DE / Der Scheinkrieg im Irak / eurasisches magazin

: Musician ‘duped’ into anti-piracy video

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An artist featured in a new campaign pushed by the Australian music industry to discourage illegal file sharing and change the public’s perception that musicians live like royalty says he was duped into joining an anti-piracy “witch hunt”.

Frenzal Rhomb guitarist Lindsay McDougall, also a radio presenter at Triple J, told the Herald he was furious at being “lumped in with this witch hunt” and that he had been “completely taken out of context and defamed” by the Australian music industry, which funded the video.

/ the age

: A4RE | Act for Radical Europe

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That Europe isn’t ours!


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