June 29, 2008

: MEMEFEST 08 Results

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© Alexandra Hall, Individual Beauty - D
© Alexandra Hall, Individual Beauty – D

“This years festival outline seems to be the most difficult till now. Many submissions sadly did not respond to the theme RADICAL BEAUTY”, the Memefest collective resumed. “This years visual submissions had problems to match the complexity of communication in terms of including all three levels in a productive way. We know it is a hard task, but good design work needs to include all this levels.”

|| field : visual arts – static visuals
|| category : undergraduate


Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is our make up and what makes us unique. Yet where is beauty headed in the future, with the knowledge scientists have, that they can manipulate our genetic traits. We are individuals because of our genetic make up. This pack of three 10cm x 15 cm postcards (each with the same back) shows clinical but beautiful images of hair, blood and skin – the main physical external components containing our DNA. The typography presents the word ‘INDIVIDUAL’ and highlights the letters D, N and A through each card, enforcing the notion that DNA makes the individual, and the effect manipulated DNA could make in individual beauty becoming extinct. The postcards are intended to be sent between friends and family to create awareness of where we need to make sure science does not take beauty.

With the current progression and speed at which technology and science is moving there is no doubt that the industry will soon become involved with that of the beauty one. Be unique, be beautiful, it is your own make up and what makes you you.
/ MEMEFEST 2008 results
A selection of works from this year’s festival will also be included in issue 10 23:56.
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